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We show you how to add Flash to an Android phone or tablet, including devices ...
PC Advisor
While web developers are slowly moving to HTML5, we aren't convinced that computing is truly ready for a Flash-free world just yet. If you own a Nexus 7, Nexus 10, or any other tablet or smartphone running Android Jelly Bean, ... and Lollipop don't ...

Not uniting to ?beat? Greenlight but understanding the struggle
Gamasutra (blog)
Ah yes, because these 9,000 votes are to appear on Steam, not for a DRM-free copy ... Ever wondered why devs submit their Flash games on Kongregate and other portals instead of hosting them themselves? For the exact same reason devs submit their ...

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Sydney Morning Herald

Does online brain training work?
Sydney Morning Herald
Recently there has been a proliferation of information about 'brain training' products ranging from apps, specific software and online gaming, through to Sudoku, crosswords and puzzles. There is some research showing these programs improve memory, ...

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Irish Independent

10 simple ways in which you can boost your memory
Irish Independent
Experts aren't prepared to put their reputation on the line about this quite yet - nevertheless there is compelling evidence that 'brain' games such as Sudoku and crosswords and the computer game equivalent - can constitute a 'work-out' for the mind ...

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